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OverDrive's SORA for schools is here!

OverDrive has revamped their app for schools and it's fantastic. If you are an OverDrive user who has been using Libby then you'll love Sora!

To start exploring Sora, go to in your browser or download the app from Google Play or Apple on your device.

  1. ​Select "School District of Monroe"

  2. Login with your school account

  3. Start reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks. - No late fees or lost book fees. - When your time is up with your checkout it returns itself!

You can also add Monroe Public Library to the app!

  1. Click on the menu button at the top right and "add a public library".

  2. Confirm your library card and begin checking out items that way too.

There are so many great features you can use in Sora: borrow books with 1 tap; take Notes and highlight lines which you can save to your Google Drive; earn badges for reading achievements; get reading stats on the books you've read and your total reading time; and so much more.

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