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Welcome back to a brand new school-year! Things are really rolling in the LMCs.

  • The Northside LMC has a new floor and ceiling.

  • The Abe Lincoln LMC has a new Library Assistant, Ms. Deb Blue. Welcome to the team!

  • The MMS LMC is hopping with Book Love and getting Nerd Squad and the Makerspace up and running for the year.

  • MHS LMC did some repurposing of furniture to make the LMC more user friendly for chromebooks.

  • Parkside LMC had a complete makeover from top to bottom. They are just getting their furniture together this week and soon the books will be brought out of storage and back on the shelves for the year! (Stay tuned for pictures!)

Be sure to pop into the LMCs when you are in the buildings to see the updates that have happened this year. Also be sure to check on any offerings in the LMCs like Battle of the Books at MMS and MHS, the Makerspaces in each LMC, book clubs and so much more!

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District LMC Directors

Abraham Lincoln, Northside & Parkside Elementary School:

Ms. Heather Newton 608-328-7415

Monroe Middle School and High School: Mrs. Ange Schmelzer 608-328-7416


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