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Destiny Discover + Google = EASY LOGIN!

Using Destiny Discover, the library database, just became SO much easier! Click on any Destiny Discover button on the library site, select your school, and get logged into your personal account with ONE CLICK just by clicking on the blue "Monroe Destiny Google SSO" button (shown below.) Once they're logged in they have access to their checkouts, holds, fines and more.

We are also looking to the end of the school-year now that it's the middle of April. We have SO many lost and overdue books to find for the libraries across the district. Please help your student login to their account and start looking for those missing books under beds, in closets, in cars, under seats, etc. The libraries would always prefer the books back in good condition, but if your student has been looking for books for more then 6 months their replacement fine can be taken care of in the LMC at their building.

If you have any questions about the libraries, please email your District LMC Director at

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District LMC Directors

Abraham Lincoln, Northside & Parkside Elementary School:

Ms. Heather Newton 608-328-7415

Monroe Middle School and High School: Mrs. Ange Schmelzer 608-328-7416


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